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About Us

Molly and Marissa

Our Story

As physical therapy providers, Marissa and Molly had always envisioned being able to provide the best care they possibly could in the best possible environment. After working in a variety of settings, including home health, acute care, and various outpatient orthopedic settings, they both fell in love with providing pelvic floor physical therapy. The one-on-one treatment and individualized care was something they wanted to offer to every patient, as well as the joy of building good relations with their patients as they provided guidance and expertise for personal issues.


After obtaining certifications and going through training courses, Molly and Marissa both

started treating this population in the outpatient setting. After helping others feel better, both before and after having a baby, they decided to open up a clinic that was specialized to address women's health issues. As a mother of two, Molly saw the importance of being able to offer care to this specific population in the Pearland area. Marissa, an expecting mother, also wanted to specialize in this population as she recognized the challenges new moms face regarding pregnancy and birth preparation.   Thus, All Things Maternal Physical Therapy was born! 

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