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Our Services

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is considered hands-on treatment to mobilize soft tissue (such as muscles and ligaments), joints, and provide pain relief. Dr. Molly and Dr. Marissa are both trained Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapists (COMT) and knowledgeable on safe techniques to use with pelvic floor patients.

Dry Needling

Dry needling is the use of acupuncture needles to provide pain relief and reduce muscle spasm in dysfunctional areas. This can include the lower back, mid-back, neck, pelvis, hips, and legs. Molly and Marissa both have taken certification courses to provide this service. 


Kinesiotaping or "KT" taping can be a great way to provide external support during pregnancy or during postpartum recovery when joints and ligaments start to become more lax. Taping can also be a great way to support a growing belly as the ligaments stretch. 

Plant-based Nutritional Counseling

Dr. Molly is certified to provide one-on-one Whole-food plant-based nutrition counseling. This is helpful for people who would like to improve their health, reduce inflammation, promote weight loss, reduce blood pressure, improve energy, prevent and treat many lifestyle diseases, and become more health conscious. 

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Pelvic floor physical therapy is a specialized treatment aimed to strengthen the muscles that provide support for the core, prevent leakage of urine or stool, and improve pelvic pain. This is essential in postpartum recovery, as well as in preparation for birth. Treatment may involve strengthening, relaxion techniques, and/or hands-on techniques.


Dry cupping is a modality used to reduce myofascial tension, improve bloodflow, and promote tissue health. This can be an effective tool for those with musculoskeletal pain or dysfunction. Your therapist will be able to determine areas of treatment. 

Personal Training

Unique to All Things Maternal is the expertise that our trained Doctors of Physical Therapy have regarding how to appropriately dose exercise to the pregnant and postpartum population in order to meet their goals. Whether that is strengthening, abdominal toning, weight loss, or just to feel like they can get back in the gym again, personal training is definitely the way to go!

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